Geometry Dash Polargiest V2

101 players

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What is Polargeist V2?

Geometry Dash Polargiest V2 is a Hard-rated 4-star solo level in Geometry Dash, renowned for its challenging gameplay and controversial difficulty level. With a rating ranging from 1.2 to 1.8, this level is not for the faint-hearted. Designed by Neptune, Polargeist V2 pushes players to their limits as they navigate through a series of obstacles and platforms.

Gameplay and Features

Polargeist V2 is divided into several segments, each presenting unique challenges for players to overcome:

0-21%: The Beginning

  • The level starts similarly to the original Polargeist, with yellow jump orbs guiding players over groups of spikes.
  • Progression involves a combination of orbs, jump pads, and other platforms, including an orb that must be skipped.

21-34%: Advancing Through Obstacles

  • Players encounter more yellow orbs and platforms, including an alternate route with fake coins, adding to the level's difficulty.
  • Platform hopping in sync with the music adds to the challenge, reminiscent of the original Polargeist.

34–47%: The Ship Area

  • Players transition to a ship area with randomly placed blocks and spikes on the top and bottom.
  • Beware of false coins appearing between blocks, adding to the level's complexity.

47-73%: Return to Cube Portal

  • Re-entering the cube portal, players face jumping spheres and various platforms.
  • Descending stairs synchronized with the music add a rhythmic challenge similar to the original level.

73-100%: The Final Stretch

  • Darkened backdrops set the stage for leaping on various poles while still encountering jumping orbs.
  • Look out for fake coins at strategic points, adding a final layer of challenge to the level.

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