Ghost Dasher

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What is Ghost Dasher?

Ghost Dasher invites players into a spooky arcade adventure where they take on the role of Philly, a friendly ghost navigating an otherworldly dimension filled with menacing spirits. The game focuses on survival as players dodge spectral threats, accumulate points, and aim to endure the haunting challenges for as long as possible.

Rules of Game

The rules of Ghost Dasher revolve around survival, requiring players to navigate Philly through the otherworldly dimension, dodge malicious spirits, and rack up points. With each step, the haunting challenges escalate, testing your reflexes and skill to their utmost. One wrong move, and it's game over for our ethereal hero.


  • Philly the Friendly Ghost:

    • Play as Philly, the friendly ghost, on a quest to survive the spectral threats in the otherworldly dimension. Engage with the charming protagonist as you dash through haunting challenges.
  • Spectral Threats and Challenges:

    • Encounter menacing spirits and haunting challenges in the otherworldly dimension. Each step brings a new spectral threat, escalating the difficulty and keeping players on the edge of their seats.
  • Simple Yet Engaging Controls:

    • Navigate Philly around the screen with simple yet engaging controls. Whether using the mouse or touch controls, the game ensures accessibility, allowing players to focus on survival and accumulating points.
  • Reflex and Skill Testing Gameplay:

    • Ghost Dasher puts your reflexes and skills to the test, demanding quick thinking and precise movements to dodge spectral threats. As you dash further, the gameplay intensifies, providing a challenging and rewarding experience.
  • Survival Focus:

    • The primary goal in Ghost Dasher is survival. Dash through the otherworldly dimension, avoid collisions with malicious spirits, and strive to endure the haunting challenges for as long as possible.

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