Knight Dash

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What is Knight Dash?

Knight Dash invites players to a classic hurdle adventure set in dungeons adorned with hand-drawn touches and accompanied by a captivating soundtrack. With simple tap controls, players navigate through challenges, collect coins, and unlock treasure chests to progress through the levels.

Rules of Game

The rules of Knight Dash involve coin collection, dungeon exploration, and key unlocking. Players must go through the dungeon, collecting coins, opening treasure chests, and finding each level's key to unlock the door to the next challenge. Simple tap controls allow players to jump, and obstacles can be strategically used to stop and pivot in their favor.


  1. Hand-Drawn Touches and Visual Charm:

    • Immerse yourself in the visual charm of Knight Dash with hand-drawn touches that bring the dungeons and challenges to life. The game's aesthetics add an extra layer of appeal to the classic hurdle adventure.
  2. Epic Soundtrack:

    • Enjoy an epic soundtrack that accompanies your journey through dungeons and challenges. The captivating music enhances the overall gaming experience, setting the tone for a thrilling adventure.
  3. Simple Tap Controls:

    • Navigate through the hurdles with ease using simple tap controls. The intuitive controls make Knight Dash accessible to players of all levels, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. Regularly Added New Levels:

    • Keep the adventure fresh with regularly added new levels. Knight Dash ensures that players always have new challenges to conquer, maintaining the excitement and engagement throughout the gameplay.
  5. Strategic Use of Obstacles:

    • Strategically use obstacles to your advantage. Stop and pivot in your favor as you navigate through the dungeon. Thinking ahead is crucial, as some paths may become inaccessible once passed.

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