Trash Dash

120 players

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What is Trash Dash?

Trash Dash is not just your typical racing game; it's an environmental adventure where players take on the role of a flying robot. The objective is to race through a beautifully designed forest, navigate intricate obstacles, and, most importantly, contribute to the cleanup of the environment. Trash collected during the race becomes fuel, propelling the flying robot even further.

Rules of Game

In Trash Dash, players must master the art of flying and racing through the forest while simultaneously cleaning up trash scattered throughout the landscape. The rules involve skillfully avoiding obstacles, collecting trash, and strategically using the collected trash as fuel to extend the flight and reach new distances.


  • Flying Robot Protagonist:

    • Take control of a flying robot, adding a futuristic and unique element to the game. Soar through the forest with style and precision, mastering the art of controlled flight.
  • Beautiful Forest Environment:

    • Trash Dash is set in a visually stunning forest environment. The vibrant graphics and intricate design of the forest create an immersive gaming experience for players.
  • Innovative Cleanup Mechanism:

    • Stand out from traditional racing games by incorporating an innovative cleanup mechanism. Collect trash during the race and witness how it transforms into fuel, driving the flying robot to cover greater distances.
  • Obstacle Navigation:

    • Navigate through intricate obstacles scattered across the forest. The game challenges players to showcase their agility and reflexes as they maneuver through a variety of challenges.
  • Trash-to-Fuel Concept:

    • The game introduces a unique concept where the trash collected serves a dual purpose – cleaning up the environment and acting as fuel. This innovative feature adds depth and strategy to Trash Dash.
  • Endless Racing Adventure:

    • Trash Dash offers an endless racing adventure where players aim to achieve the farthest distance possible. The combination of racing, cleanup, and fuel management ensures a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

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