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What is JettyCat?

JettyCat is not just a game; it's a vertical-scrolling marvel that places players in control of a jetpack-powered cat with a mission to ascend to the topmost platform. The game introduces a unique twist to the high jump genre, challenging players to control the flying cat, collect coins, and dodge obstacles while navigating increasingly narrow spaces.


To successfully navigate the JettyCat jumping adventure, familiarize yourself with the rules that govern this mischievous and challenging game:

  • Control the Flying Cat: Take command of the flying cat using your jetpack to soar through the air. Navigate the cat through the vertical-scrolling environment while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.

  • Avoid Wall Collisions: The game introduces a twist – if the cat collides with a wall, the game comes to an end. Precision and skill are crucial as the space available for movement narrows with each ascent. Navigate carefully to avoid hitting the walls.

  • Collect Coins: As you ascend, collect coins scattered throughout the levels. Gathering coins adds to your score and serves as a measure of your success in the mischievous jumping adventure.

  • Boost Ability: Utilize the boost ability strategically to navigate through obstacles and challenging spaces. The boost adds an element of control and agility, allowing you to maneuver the cat more effectively.

  • Thirty Challenging Levels: JettyCat offers thirty challenging levels for players to conquer. Each level presents a unique set of obstacles and narrow spaces, providing a progressively challenging vertical-scrolling experience.


JettyCat stands out as a whimsical adventure, boasting features that make it an enjoyable and engaging vertical-scrolling experience:

  • Mischievous Cat Protagonist: Take on the role of a mischievous cat equipped with a jetpack, adding a playful and lighthearted touch to the game's overall theme.

  • Unique High Jump Concept: JettyCat introduces a unique concept to the high jump genre, challenging players to avoid wall collisions in addition to navigating obstacles. The narrowing space adds an extra layer of difficulty.

  • Boost-Powered Navigation: Enjoy boost-powered navigation, using the cat's jetpack to soar through the air with enhanced control and agility. Master the boost ability to overcome challenging levels.

  • Collectible Coins: Engage in the thrill of collecting coins as you ascend through the levels. The coins contribute to your score and serve as a rewarding element in the mischievous jumping adventure.

  • Progressive Difficulty: With thirty challenging levels, JettyCat offers a progressively difficult vertical-scrolling experience. As you ascend, the game becomes more challenging, testing your precision and reflexes.

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