Supreme Bomb Tag

100 players

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What is Supreme Bomb Tag?

Supreme Bomb Tag is a high-octane 2-player tag game that introduces an explosive twist to the traditional concept. Players must use their wits, strategic abilities, and lightning-fast reflexes to avoid being the one holding the bomb when the timer runs out. With features like dashing, time-stopping, phasing through objects, creating portals, and switching positions, Supreme Bomb Tag elevates the excitement of tag to new heights.


The rules of Supreme Bomb Tag follow the essence of traditional tag, but with a dynamic twist. The game begins with one player holding the bomb, and the objective is simple – avoid being the one with the bomb when the timer hits zero. Players can unleash unique abilities, such as dashing to dodge opponents, stopping time for a strategic advantage, phasing through objects to avoid detection, creating portals for quick escapes, and switching positions to keep opponents guessing. The player holding the bomb when time runs out will face a spectacular BOOOOOMM!


  • Tag with a Twist: Supreme Bomb Tag adds an explosive element to the classic game of tag. The tension rises as players strive to avoid being the one holding the bomb when the countdown reaches zero, bringing a whole new level of excitement to the traditional game.

  • Unleash Abilities: Each player possesses a set of unique abilities that can be strategically used to stay one step ahead. From dashing to creating portals, stopping time to phasing through obstacles, and switching positions, players must master these abilities to outwit their opponents and avoid the explosive consequences.

  • Strategize and Outwit: Success in Supreme Bomb Tag requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Players must use their abilities wisely, anticipate their opponents' moves, and make split-second decisions to pass the bomb on to someone else.

  • Fast-Paced Action: The clock is ticking, and the bomb is counting down. Supreme Bomb Tag is all about fast-paced action, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they navigate through the explosive gameplay, dodging opponents and passing the bomb with lightning speed.


1 player:

  • A / D: move left or right.
  • W: leap.
  • G: change abilities."
  • Space: useability.

2 players:

  • Left/right arrow keys: go left or right.
  • Up arrow key = jump.
  • K represents changeability.
  • L equals usability.

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